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The Apple AppStore

The Apple AppStore is a relatively secure way to get applications for macOS, iOS etc.

Many applications don't require a payment, but they are always bound to the AppleID but was used for getting the app from the AppStore - this AppleID will also be needed to update the app.

Getting Paid Applications

CERN users can acquire from the Apple App Store - against a payment charged to their CERN budget code - applications that they need for professional reasons. This includes applications for Mac OS X and for iOS (i.e. for iPad or iPhone). The purchase is carried out with the assistance of the CERN IT through the Apple Volume Purchasing Program for Education.

Note: currently, this Apple program does not allow to make in-app purchases, so you should only buy apps where the required functionality is available without in-app purchases.

In order to benefit from this method of acquiring the software, you need an Apple ID registered in the Swiss App Store. We advise that you use your CERN e-mail address to create an Apple ID that you will use for your professional activity related with CERN. This KnowledgeBase artice explains how to create an Apple ID in a way which does not require a payment method.

To request purchasing an application from the Apple App Store, please use this request form and include the following information:

  • the name of the software and the name of the software vendor,
  • the number of licences required (usually there is a 50% discount if you purchase 20 or more licences),
  • the budget code to be used to cover the cost of the software.

We will get back to you with the exact cost of the application and ask for your validation before actually making the purchase.

Two ways of distributing the application licence are possible:

  • Assignment through the Mac Self-Service (MDM). This is the preferred distribution method, as it later enables CERN to reassign the licence to a different user as necessary. This is the preferred method for purchasing apps from a non-team account.
  • Redeem code. In this case, the application licence will be bound forever to the Apple ID that will redeem the code and reassigning the ownership of the licence will not be possible. This is the preferred method for purchasing apps using a team account.