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CodiMD lets you collaborate in real-time with markdown. Built on HackMD source code, CodiMD lets you host and control your team's content with speed and ease.



CodiMD is only available online in


  • Markdown editor.
  • Slides and notes support.
  • Import from Gist.
  • Export as PDF.


Installation is already done since it is an online webApp.


How to create a note/slide document?

Open the CodiMD URL and click log in:

You will be prompted to the main screen, you will find a button to create a new note on the top right corner:

Creating a note

You can write on the left panel with the markdown syntax and you will see the result on the right panel:

Creating a slide

Check the CodiMD example to learn the syntax and how to create a slide using markdown.

You can check the result of your slides going to Menu -> Slide Mode.