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What is X-Win32?

X-Win32 is an open source terminal emulator, developed originally by Simon Tatham for the Windows platform. It provides a text user interface to remote computers running any of its supported protocols, including SSH and Telnet.


  • Simple User Interface
  • Dynamic Window Scaling
  • Multiple Screens
  • Single Application Mode
  • Multiple X Desktops
  • Secure Remote Desktop
  • FluxBox Window Manager

How to install X-Win32?

  1. Right-click the CMF icon (traybar), then select Add/Remove CMF Packages.
  2. If required, please Authenticate with your CERN login and password
  3. In Category dropdown list, select Connectivity Software and look for Starnet X-Win32, tick the box Install and then push the Save button.
  4. Wait until the CMF icon in the system tray starts blinking. Right-click on it and then select Pending Actions option.
  5. Click the Start Now button. The installation is silent and a CMF notification in the tray bar will be displayed when it is completed.


CERN Connections

The X-Win32 CMF installation adds a set of custom configurations which include console and desktop connections to lxplus.

How to connect to lxplus console (XTerm)?

  1. Open X-Win32
  2. Select CERN Connections > Lxplus(DEFAULT)
  3. Tick the box "Exit when all the connections are closed"
  4. Click Launch

How to connect to lxplus desktop (Ice or KDE)?

  1. Open X-Win32
  2. Select either CERN Connections > Lxplus(ICE) or CERN Connections > Lxplus(KDE)
  3. Tick the box "Exit when all the connections are closed"
  4. Click Launch

Known issues

KB0006295 X-win32 doesn't support the OPENGL rendering proposed by GNOME v3 on CC7 servers.

Additional information