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Downgrade from Windows 11 to Windows 10


Windows 10 computers must be upgraded to Windows 11 before October 2025

  • The downgrade is only applied if it is extremely necessary, for compatibility issues for example.


  • You can only downgrade to Windows 10 within the 10 days of your upgrade
  • You must backup files you created after upgrade to Windows 11 In addition, new programs installed after the upgrade to Windows 11 will be deleted. You have to reinstall and reconfigure them.

If the requirements are not met you need to make a clean install if you want to return on Windows 10.

Steps for downgrade

  • In Settings, go to System > Recovery and click to the Go Back button

  • In this new windows, select the reason to go back to windows 10 and "Next"

  • When you are asked to "Check for updates" select "no thanks"

  • Then press "Next", "Next", and "Go back to Windows 10"

The device will now restart several time and return to Windows 10

  • Once this operation has been completed, you can log back on to the computer.