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Moving or renaming your computer

Moving a computer

Before moving a computer, make sure that you know the password of an account that has administrative privileges (all accounts of the "Main User" and the "Responsible" persons as defined in LANDB or the local "Administrator" account). If you are planning to use one of the account of the "Main User" or the "Responsible", make sure to logon with that account on that computer before disconnecting it from the network to ensure that the computer will cache the credentials.

In all cases it is needed to update LANDB with the new location before moving the computer. It is important that the MAC (Network adapter) address of your computer is allocated to the new network socket. After the confirmation of the move by LANDB, you can move the computer and it should work as before.

Renaming a computer

To rename a computer, you must first update the network database and enter there the new name. Then you should wait for the modification to be propagated to the Windows Active Directory (normally every 4 hours). You should verify this at this resource. When this is done, you should reinstall the system with the new name.

Disjoining the domain, renaming the computer and re-joining the domain with a different name is not supported.

Also note that when disjoining the domain the local administrator password must be known to be able to logon locally as the domain account won't be valid anymore.