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PDF Expert

PDF Expert is currently not available

CERN has exhausted the licenses it had acquired for PDF Expert, and the vendor is currently not able to sell further licenses to enterprise conditions. We recommend to use the PDF editing features or Apple's Preview app or getting a subscription for Adobe Acrobat Pro. Another option for occassional use is to log in to a Windows Terminal Server and use the tool PDF Exchange to edit PDFs. Please also see KB0008851

Historic Reference

PDF Expert is a simple PDF editor for macOS, its feature set puts it between the that comes with the OS and Adobe Acrobat Pro.

PDF Expert was available from the Mac Self-Service for devices that were properly registered in the network database and that had recently updated the inventory while being on site. Other devices were not eligible.

The CERN license for PDF Expert covered version 2. PDF Expert version 3 has been released, but due to the license conditions CERN has not bought licenses for it.

In July 2022 the PDF Expert app started to propose an update to version 3.0.23. This update invalidates the license and puts the app into a demo mode. Users should NOT install that update.