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The Preview app comes with macOS and allows basic editing and redaction operations. This is the default application that opens while you double click on the PDF document.

Changing page order, merging PDF documents

  • Enable the Thumbnails view by clicking on alt text, in View -> Thumbnails or by pressing ⌥⌘2
  • You can change the order by dragging pages
  • You can drag & drop other pdf documents or page to join the to the existing document
  • You can add new blank page in Edit -> Insert -> Blank Page

Rotating pages

Click on alt text icon or press ⌘L (rotate left)/ ⌘R (rotate right) keys

Adding text, basic geometric shapes - this can be used for redacting out (hiding) parts of the document

  • Expand the Markup Toolbar by clicking on alt text icon or pressing ⇧⌘A
  • To add text click on alt text icon
  • To add geometric shapes click on alt text icon

Adding hand-written signatures

Click on alt text icon and either write your signature using trackpad or by scanning the photo with an existing signature (should a be clearly visible text on white paper)

Highlighting, underlining existing text

  • Click on alt text icon, choose the color or the style you want to apply
  • Select fragment of the text you want to highlight

Adding sticky-notes

Click on alt text icon

For a full list of features see Preview User Guide.