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Windows 11 Privacy

NICE Windows computers are centrally configured not to synchronise user passwords through the Microsoft cloud.

The following privacy settings are recommended and set as default on NICE Windows 11 computers; they can be customised under Settings > Privacy.

Privacy setting Default value on NICE Windows 11 installations Impact on privacy Negative side-effects
General > Let apps use my advertising ID for experiences across apps Off Patterns in your behaviours will not be gathered or analysed for advertising purposes. Ads that will still be shown, but they will not be personalised. History of the information related to your advertising ID will be lost.
Feedback & diagnostics > Send your device data to Microsoft Basic Only very basic diagnostics data from your device will be sent to Microsoft. ​This setting interferes with the Windows Insider Program and may prohibit your from receiving Insider built updates.

Users are advised to regularly check and configure which applications ​can use the camera, microphone and location information on their devices. In addition, users may be interested to consider:

Privacy setting Value Impact on privacy Negative side-effects
Speech, inking & typing > Getting to know you Stop getting to know me Information such as contacts, recent calendar events, speech and handwriting patterns and typing history will not be analysed or sent over the network. Dictation and ​Cortana will be disabled; the OS will not be able to make suggestions based on your pronunciation or patterns in your typing.
General > Send Microsoft info about how I write to help us improve typing and writing in the future Off Information you type won't be used anymore As for the previous setting, dictation and ​Cortana will be disabled; the OS will not be able to make suggestions based on your pronunciation or patterns in your typing.​
​Diagnostics and Feedback > Tailored Experiences Off Diagnostic data you send will not be used anymore to offer you a tailored MS Windows experience. Microsoft will not offer you a tailored experience anymore by providing personalised tips, ads and so on.

​Users interested in questions related to privacy are invited to check the following pages (external links): ​Microsoft Privacy Statement, Opt-out page for Microsoft Ads, Windows 11 feedback, diagnostics, and privacy FAQ, Microsoft Windows 11 Diagnostic Data Levels