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Apple Hardware repair

Please open a hardware repair request if you suspect that your Mac has a hardware problem. Somebody will pass by your office for a first inspection of the Mac. If needed a more detailed hardware test can be done on site, in a dedicated room near the computer center. Simple repairs can be made directly there. For more complex repairs the Mac will be taken to our supplier.

Make sure you have a recent backup and disable "Find My..." before handing in your Mac for repair.

You will need the serial number of your Mac for the repair.

In case the device is not under warranty and not covered by an Apple recall programm, you will receive an estimate of the expected cost of the repair. If you want the repair to be executed you must create a Purchase Requisition in EDH [see screenshot below] and attach the estimate. If you don't want the repair to be executed please reply accordingly to the ServiceNow ticket.

Apple warranty: 1, 2 or 3 years?

By default, Apple provides a limited world-wide warranty for 12-months following the date of purchase.

Based on Swiss law, Apple provides 2-year warranty. Please note that the conditions between the 1st and 2nd year of the warantee can be different as explained in that document.

Apple also proposes an optional paid 3-year warranty extention. Considering the cost of this extension, the hardware failure rates and the drop in the value of the equipment with time, the CERN IT department strongly advises against purchasing this warranty extension.

How to fill a Purchase Requisition/DAI for Hardware Repair

A DAI is only needed for repairs that are not covered by warranty or Apple recall programs. Only create the DAI when you have received the offer for the repair and you want the repair to be executed. In this case go to, fill in the form like in the example below and attach the estimate of the repair cost:

screenshot of DAI for Mac hardware repair