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Microsoft Office for CERN Users

For installation of applications on your CERN Mac, please check: Mac Self-Service.

CERN Users are invited to edit their office documents using on-line editors integrated into CERNBox.

CERN users who have a CERN mailbox [1] and a specific affiliation [2] type may obtain licenses for Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus applications, which enables them to download Office products for their Windows PC or Mac and to enable full functionality of Microsoft Office apps on their smart devices. ‚Äč In order to get the Office 365 ProPlus licence, please submit a request using this ServieNow request form. Once the licence has been granted to your CERN account, you will be able to

  • use the Self-Service to enable converting an existing MS Office 2016 installation to Office 365
  • use the Self-Service to install Office 365 (if neither Office 2016 nor Office 2019 are installed on your Mac; requires macOS 10.14.6 or newer)
  • use this account to log on in the Office apps on your smart devices.

Please note the granted licence might be revoked in the future.

The Office 365 ProPlus licence enables to you to install Office 365 ProPlus on up to 5 Windows PCs or Macs and to use it on 5 tablets (Windows, iPad and Android) and 5 smartphones. This licence is renewable every 12 months.

Office 365 ProPlus on Mac includes:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook

Microsoft Office is available for installation from the CERN Mac Self-Service for users that are registered for Office 365. You may also use this licence to run Microsoft Office on your home Macs, on your tablets or smartphones.

Please note that OneDrive for Business in Microsoft cloud is currently not available to CERN users. Instead, we recommend using CERNBox.

Activation of Office 365

When you start one of the Office 365 products you will be asked to activate your license, as shown on the following screenshot. Click on the 'Activate' button to start the process.


A new window will pop up, click on 'Sign in':


On the next window enter your CERN email address:


You will get another window on which you are asked for the type of account, should select 'Work or school account':


Once that is done you will get a window saying 'You're All Set'.


[1] Having a CERN mailbox and a "" e-mail address is necessary to log on to Office 365. Users who don't have it can enable it using the CERN Account Portal (including an optional forward to an external non-CERN e-mail address).

[2] The following affiliations are not eligible for Office 365 ProPlus licence: ENTC, EXMP, EXTN, RETR. In addition, having a CERN mailbox is a technical pre-requisite for getting access to the Office 365 ProPlus licence. You may check your afflication type on the CERN Account Portal.