The CERN IT Mac Desktop Service provides support for Apple Mac computers, including installation, configuration and access to software.

Mac users are responsible for keeping their devices secure. This involves to regularly update the operating system and applications using update processes provided by software vendors. Users shall also regularly save user data files to a centrally-supported network file system (EOS / cernbox).

The currently supported versions of macOS are 10.15 ("Catalina"), 11 ("Big Sur") and 12 ("Monterey").

If you are running any version of macOS older than 10.15, you are encouraged to migrate to 10.15 as soon as possible. You may contact the Service Desk to assist you in the migration process. Before migrating to 10.15 check out the articles about all intermediate versions on the page About macOS Versions.

In order to get help, you can:

  • Check this website, including the documents listed in the table of contents, which provide answers to many common questions.
  • Report an incident or submit a request with the Service Desk. You can also reach the Service Desk by phone at 77777 or by e-mail at

Moreover, the Mac community at CERN has an active mailing list:, where you can get expert opinions for some very specific questions. Despite its name that list is not for requesting support. The archive of this mailing list is available here.