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About macOS 13 "Ventura"

macOS 13 ("Ventura") became available on October 24th, 2022.

We recommend all users that do not require the new features of macOS 13 not to upgrade to macOS 13 now, but rather wait a few months until the usual initial issues are solved.

All macOS versions below 11 are now unsupported. If your Mac still runs a macOS version below 11 you should upgrade to a supported version of macOS as soon as possible!

For an overview of new features in macOS 13 see

There are some important actions to take before you install it:

  • Take note of the information on

  • Ensure that all the software you are using is compatible with macos 13. See below for a list of known issues (be aware that the list is far from complete).

  • Make sure to update all third party software you are using BEFORE upgrading to macOS 13. We expect that many updaters of older software will NOT WORK any more under macOS 13.

  • Uninstall outdated software and all software you don't use any more BEFORE upgrading to macOS 13. We expect that most uninstallers for outdated software will NOT WORK any more under macOS 13.

  • Verify your hard-disk or SSD before doing the install.

  • Make sure you have stored your data in cernbox or have a recent backup , allowing you to recover your data in case of problems. We generally recommnd to store all your data in cernbox.

  • and re-check your backups!

  • Make sure you have enough free disk space for the install image AND the installation process. The macOS 12 installer did start even if you didn't have enough free space, it will fail and stubbornly try again after a restart. You will need to re-install your OS if this happens, data loss is quite likely...

  • In case you migrate from a macOS version older than 12:

  • You should also read the 'About macOS ...' articles concerning ALL intermediate versions of macOS, in particular the warnings about 32bit applications!
  • Note that the upgrade will most likely convert the filesystem on your Mac, carefully read

Known Issues:


BlueGriffon does not work with macOS 13.


Brew users should check the news on ??? before upgrading to macOS 13. Please note that we do not support brew or any tools installed through it.


The calendar app appears to have more problems than usual syncing Exchange calendars under macOS 13.


CERNBox version 2.9.2 is required for macOS 13.

Deny / Allow

macOS 13 has become very restrictive. You will get plenty of dialogs "Application X wants to access Y" and "Application X wants to do Y". If you don't allow this some features of the app in question might not work - and you will not be asked again...

ESET Antivirus

Version 6.11.202 of ESET is required for macOS 13. In case you still have an older version of ESET AV installed you should use the Mac Self-Service to first remove the old version (this will require a reboot), and then install the new version via the Self-Service.


Fink users should check the news on before upgrading to macOS 13. Please note that we do not support fink or any tools installed through it.

GPG Tools

GPG Suite 2022.2 with GPGMail 7 is required for macOS 13.


LibreOffice gets stuck after having run for a while. It will need to be 'Force Quit' and restarted.


It is not clear which version of MacPorts is compatible with macOS 13. Please note that we do not support MacPorts or any tools installed through it. has a new feature allowing to undo sending a message within a certain delay. What happens in fact is that the message is only send after the delay. When you send a message and then quit before the delay is done the message will never be send, and no warning about this will be issued. For details about the 'Undo Send' option see Apple Mail User Guide

Parallels Desktop

Parallels version 16.1 is required for macOS 13 on Intel Macs, M1 Macs require 17.1. It is available in the Self-Service.

Preview app / PS and EPS Files

The Preview app in macOS 13 does not display .ps and .eps files, see HT213250 .

USB Hubs

Many users report problems with their USB hubs. If you rely on a USB hub you might want to postpone upgrading to macOS 13.


Zoom does not yet support macOS 13.