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OnlyOffice is an Open source office suite developed by Ascensio System SIA, a company with headquarters in Riga, Latvia.

OnlyOffice offers most functionalities that a user would expect from an Office suite covering word processing, spreadsheets and presentations. The strong point of OnlyOffice is that it focusses on compatibility with Microsoft formats (docx, pptx and xlsx). Another advantage is that allows for on-line collaboration using CERNBOX.

Availability and Installation


OnlyOffice is available in CMF


OnlyOffice is available in the Mac Self-Service


OnlyOffice is available in the OnlyOffice web page


Important Note: due to critical issues as reported in OTG0063004, OnlyOffice has been removed from production in CERNBox. Please, consider using Collabora Online (default for odt, ods and odp) or Office Online instead (default for docx, xslx and pptx).

OnlyOffice is available in CERNBox. You can directly open MS format documents from the web browser without the need to install any application in your local computer. This is the recommended way of using it as it also allows for real time collaboration with other users.

Warning: users working on the same document (via CERNBox or shared networked storage) should use the same application to edit the document, otherwise the document can be corrupted. See this KB for more details.


  • Text, presentations and spreadsheet editors
  • Desktop application
  • Online application via CERNBox
  • Simple and user friendly interface
  • Compatibility with Microsoft formats (docx, pptx and xlsx)
  • Realtime collaboration experience with multiple users


Please, check the Online documentation for document editors.


Training sessions are now available. For more information, please check the CERN Learning Hub

User Support

Please, open a SNOW ticket if you want to report any issues.